Everybody has a different understanding of the word „luxury“ – we think it is just the pure and fantastic feeling of being alive. It is our main goal that you feel at home on board the HANSE EXPLORER. Enjoy a perfect, personal service and don't miss a single thing !
There are no formal obligations, only wellbeing at its best. This means: Spacious cabins and common rooms like a bar and restaurant with selected, exquisite interior and with comfortable materials as well as functional design in the rest of the vessel. The cabins in your “temporary home” are of course equipped with the latest techniques (i. a. Satcom-device for email and fax communication) which allows you to communicate with the rest of the world even in the middle of nowhere.
But luxury are also the simple things that makes life comfortable and pleasant. There is for example a smoking oven so that you can smoke the salmons you caught in the far north right on the spot. There is also a sauna, a fully equiped dive operation and high tech video & photography facilities.
Our Expedition Team
Whether you chose a unique dive expedition in the Polar Regions or prefer warmer waters, whether you like to cruise with your friends or your photography club, Waterproof Expeditions will take care of your expedition.
With our experienced guides you will visit the best dive sites, make your best shots and have the experience of a life time.

Tell us about your dream destination and preferred itinerary and we will try to accommodate your wishes.
We believe there is only one thing money can't buy: the experience of lifetime.

...its not about the moments you breathe,
its about the moments that take your breath away..
The 158ft./48 m long vessel is built under the supervision of the well-known German classification society “Germanischer Lloyd”. It has the highest international safety standard for professional navigation. Certified with ice class GL-E3, the HANSE EXPLORER is able to sail on training trips all around the globe including the polar regions and the Northwest Passage. Safety and comfort rank first.

The vessel has a powerful main motor with approx. 50% power reserve. Should the main motor fail to operate, the vessel will be powered by an electric stand-by motor (400 KW) – a so-called „bring-me-home“-principle! Four generators produce a total electric power capacity of approx. 1.000 kilowatts. Two independently working air conditioning compressors provide a pleasant room temperature in tropic areas whereas in arctic and antarctic waters, there are two independent heating systems generating the necessary heat. Two autarkic fresh water systems (osmosis device/evaporator) provide sufficient fresh water on board.

There are also two independent toilet facilities (vacuum/gravity toilet). To protect the environment, we are working with a highly efficient water conditioning system that allows us to cruise even the most sensitive areas of the world.

Ships specs
Flag Antigua & Barbuda
Total length 48 m
Molded beam 10,40 m
Dragt 3,52 m
Displacement 850 t
Classification GL + 100 A5 E3 `Training Vessel´ + MC E3

Fuel 150.000 L
Fresh water 340.000 L
Crew & trainees 16 persons
Expedition staff 2
Passengers 12

Engine performance
Speed 13,2 knots
Cruising radius 5000nm at 12 knots
Hull Steel
Superstructure Steel
Wheelhouse naval aluminium

Main drive motors
Propellor Mak Typ 8 M 20, 1.520 kW, 1.000 rpm, variable-pitch propeller
Bow thrusters 300 kW, 34 kN
Special features
Ice class E3 according to Germanischer Lloyd, Antirolling system, Shaft generator/Power take home device with 400 kW.